Independent project in the area of productive projects and appropriate technologies to overcome capitalism.

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Explanation of the project

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We are building a civil society cooperative space, peaceful and sustainable alternatives for the development of productive, technological and housing. A self-organized space that includes everything from industrial buildings for production, creative spaces for holding meetings and various activities to decent housing. All available at prices significantly below fair market and designed to allow self-management of the project / site.

Since its inception, is to develop a network based on a network of cooperatives, individual projects and housing in an area collectivized. It seeks to facilitate the sharing of ideas, goods and resources to promote synergies naturally. A place for social innovation, technology and policy based on self-responsibility and cooperation. A project where the productive economies in the service of people allowing their needs for access to resources and tools are not obstacles to the realization of their creative potential.

Ways to participate

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We want to build a powerful alternative outside the capital and against a system that we consider evil, so we need all the aid possible. These may be providing volunteer labor and / or economic resources, presenting a project for the colony, sharing tools, experiences and knowledge.

Volunteer work: you can come to offer your knowledge and willingness to work to develop the project, your work is always welcome. To better organize the human resources available for the project we have implemented organizational tools like a calendar where you can view the work in progress and a planner of dates on which the colony will attend to see how many people we have to create working groups.

Mobilization of resources to the colony : If you have time to recycle furniture, glass, tools, equipment, etc.-we can arrange to collect them. We have a wiki devoted to this subject where we coordinate the information to optimize the use of limited resources.

Donations : You can help financially or with materials.


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