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it°s easy to copy hard to invent clever to combinate



well .. i don't know about you .. but i learned to have respect from people that studied

and my problem since i am a young child


that i feel the pain of the world


THEN I AM NOT IMPRESSED !! (inspired by and with deepest blessings to George Carlin, George Carlin on wikipedia)

° * * °

ich glaube, dass wir menschen nicht halb so intelligent sind, wie wir es gerne hätten .. und dies der grund ist, warum wir alles sehr kompliziert gestalten .. um uns immer wieder zu beweisen wie intelligent wir sind ..

° * * °

jede schraube braucht nen TÜV an der börse lässt °man° die einfach machen .. die haben schon ETHIK ?¿

° * * °

when we look at history what happens noOow is deepest evolution

°*° and i am happy to be here °*°

WHY ?¿ we have WAR ?¿

because we can't love eachother because we can't share because we can't live our souls because we stay in our pains and fears and need to run after the money and pride and soOo on ..

because humankind SINCE EVER DID EVERYTHING !!

to abandon the soOoul

° * * °

they tell us the cameras protect us and ALL the data collection


BUT !!

NoOoTHING !! gets safer

it ALL gets even moOore a FKN MESS !!

and everybody (still) thinks ..

'but i can't do nothing' ..

° * * °

politik ist der verlängerte arm der wirtschaft

° * * °

we dont always have a choice to whom we bring our money

like electricity .. like taxes ..


if i bring my money to a human behind the business

OR ?¿

a stockholder behind the business


when everybody starts to think aboOout that

.. ..

when you lost the energy to believe in change then i hope you still have enough power to support the people that have this energy °*°

you can run again on the moon when everyone on this planet has something to eat and this everyday


NOW is the moment to overthink our VALUES NOW is the moment to overfeel WHAT we really need to BE FEEL °*° HAPPY °*°



then there is enough for everybody

NOW is the time to overcome our FEARS NOW is the time to change some HABITS


° * * °

WE NEED SOULFOOD smile laugh hug deeply give compliments communicatioOon meditate♥pray cry loOove

WE NEED MATERIAL FOOD eat drink technic to communicate and work clothes home sweet home transportation

WE NEED BRAIN FOOD talk listen read watch relax

° * * °




° * * °

true heroes of this world


and NOT the ones that enjoy their job !

without prostitution there would be way more crime and violence

as a 'thank you ! by this law of ours ! for the work of prostitues

they have nearly now rights and are acting mostly illegal



hey ! ! parents, politic-guys doctors, scientists, police-officers .. you are against drugs .. ! think again ! and answer the following questions ..

do you use internet .. do you use an iphone or a macbook .. do you listen to music, no matter what cind ¿ do you like art .. and even go to museum'z ..

WELL .. ! if you are enjoying and using all of these things and you are against drugs then it's time, that you STOP to use these things .. because without drugs .. we all wouldn't use and enjoy these things as we do nowadays

so please .. think again

and there is no law against thinking ; )) thinking is free thinking doesn't cost anything you don't need money or any kind of university to be able to think i mean .. such an amazing thing .. and it's for free .. can't even put a patent on it .. mh

and everybody can do it ! and everybody does it!


do you know what makes you happy?

i dont need to post on facebook that i think of you .. when i think of you … i can do this always .. everywhere °*° *°* the fastest post

let's face it .. this reality .. ha ha ha wanna know what reality is .. then take LSD lsd brings you back to your instincts lsd shows you °is° and the connection of it °all°

people ask 'what should i eat, what's best for me' .. this or that .. what is good ..

acctually ..

take lsd and your body will tell you what it needs

but by the law of the actual system it°s not allowed to write this in a book as a singer one can say what one wants it°s art


most of these paintings where done under any kind of influence of illegal substances please think about that next time when you go to the museum early sunday morning on the only free day of your week .. let's wave our hands for the sunday early museum visitors .. good morning .. may the light shine on you *°*

° * * °

with mdma you feel the uniq holy loOove in yoOou loOove for yourself loOove for everybody around you loOove for all your amazing friends and family (04:04) loOove for the woOorld

° * * °

what you call religion .. i call PR what i call religion .. you call esoteric, illegal, even criminal

° * * °

we are afraid of thousands of things wheather it's what's happend when we were children or in this terrible school system of this civil world well .. i learned there mainly what i don't like .. but nowbody knows there what they doOo like .. maybe the only goOod thing about facebook ..

ein süchtiger ist auf der suche ..

what if we don't believe that


hey girls .. i wanna know what you think .. the guys get nervous when their king is relaxing i mean .. the high art of relaxation and they get all freaked out

but kind of .. it's good that the king strikes that the men REMEMBER the rest of the body of the woman : ))


you need a temple .. your temple is your bed your temple is your club .. your temple is your sofa .. whatever it is ..

° * * °

amy whinehouse, michael jackson, i cry for all the music and lyrics that where not sung because they left the body before ..

it's all about the pain of the boOody .. this fucking mess we doOo here

° * * °

we think we loose things .. but nothing gets lost.

comedy in the club ; ) .. where did i put my lighter ..

° * * °

let's talk about energy .. well .. first . to start . the beginning ok .. a little bit ..

before you take a line .. ask your nose witch of the doors to use

° * * °

time has nothing to do with these numbers

° * * °

mdma is to feel your love .. for yourself and all other people .. for the world ketamine is to feel 'what you call 'god .. ketamine opens the gate to the spiritual world, cause you don't feel the pain of the body anymoOore lsd is to feel your instincts .. lsd is to feel you are nature .. humans are animals .. lsd is lsd .. for the fine-tuning of it all

mdma is to feel love ketamine ist to feel spirituality lsd is to feel nature

° * * °

what you call k-hole i call the energy of meditation


°IS° the spot

°*° WHERE °*° we °*°ALL°*° meet

when you feel bad .. .. you can go to this spot and you will get ENERGY °*°

° * * °

nature is not only around. you are nature humans are nature we are animals

° * * °

intelligence is not to think intelligence is to feel and to connect

you wanna know what they ment with: to be or not to be lsd is your medicine


we don't fight the system - we build a free system


lsd .. for the fine-tuning of it all

mdma and lsd are to feel your love and light


and all the crazy names you need

money destroys the soul


what we need to live .. .. to be happy .. .. we need lots of love .. that's for sure )) ha ha *

° * * °

it's a mix of what you call meditation & pray. it has no rules it doesn't even have a name there is no right and wrong way to do it

you do it when you cook you do it when you dance you do it when you doOo noOothing you do it when you loOove

in these moments ° when your body feels like a feather when your brain is a floating sea when your heart is full of light

when you feel deeply connected


when people get lost on drugs .. it's not the drugs that makes them get lost it's the soul that makes them get lost .. because in this world .. we live humankind since ever did everything that humankind doesn°t arrive to the soul

WHY ?¿

because when YOU arrive in YOUR soOoul then i can°t control you anymore (=ego-system)

because of this FACT is ALL this drama and scandal around

that every human arrives by his soOoul that°s the base to live toOogether on this planet ♥

because when you loOove yourself you treat yourself and everything around different

with love with care with respect with humility

because you care because you SHARE

when i have to give 'my religion' a name then it°s

°*° SHARE °*°

it doesn't matter how much or what you have the question is: do you share it or not

° * * °

we all have it . this soul thing .. it°s in you .. it°s not for sale .. it is in you

that°s where we are ALL connected and we feel it and when we feel it then we get really really strong . 42

relationship .. is to share your life the base is trust the base is love the base is soul


love .. nirvana ..we understand noOow.

thats the truth hahahahahahahah laugh

drink water without bubbles

i want to drink water without bubbles this is your mantra

a goOod

call it goOod g„tt gott god good goOod

dankbarkeit macht glükclich glükclicc

to be .. or? .. NOT to be that's the question

do you do something to feel yourself .. OR¿ .. do you do something NOT to feel yourself .. .. thats the question, to the answer: 42

the most important things in life .. i don't find woOords ..


you are goOod we are goOod the world is goOod the universe is goOod

you are and it is.

this .. what you feel now ..

W.O.W is the opposite of s.o.s

°*° JETZT °*°

let's change the world together we can do it. (we can do that)

when you feel down, think of your last goOod party and you get energy to feel goOod

i want to feel sharefoodforest goOod

i am working for this weekend goOod.


i am not jet an alien

to feel yourself to heal yourself to do this you need .. what we call time, but the time without these numbers but we don't have this time, because we sold it to the money and to the .. what we call luxury and civilization

and when we go on .. with all that luxury shit .. then we fuck it all up. is it *°*THAT°*° what you want …

because when people can't live … they die. what is also goOod.

! think again !

4 u 4 us

a hug is food for the soul a hug is soulfood

it has nothing to do with sex, when i want to hug you

hug = soulfood

do you really think thinking is bringing the solution .. then think again ; )

perfection … pfrfff it doesn't exist it's a rumoOor

invite the un¿perfectioOon intoOo all of your actions intoOo all of your art'z intoOo all of your life

perfection is like .. to knoOow everything is like .. to doOo everything alone

hoOow boOoring

invite the un¿perfectioOon intoOo yoOour life and woOonders will happen to you *°* °*°

when you see a small mistake leave it on purpose you will laugh every time you see it

°*° THAT °*° makes yoOou healthy&happy

° * * °



haha *


° * * °

mr. zuckerberg ! what's wrong with you ¿ do you believe yourself ¿ do you listen to yourself ¿ do you have friends ¿


is everybody around you just licking your ass for an other 'i like'

OR¿! AND¿!

is it money is it a ferrari infront of every house you own is it power


PLEASE less sugar and moOore mountains

the best thing aboOout us humans is .. that we can change

the way we think the way we live

and then we are what we are

° * * °

addiction a construction of the mind in combination of the body blessed by the soul

and again i talk to you !

politic-guys, parents, doctors, scientists

you blame the bad *BAD* bad drugs evil has come to humanity .. pffffrff

and at the same time you want to sell your sugarfood if only possible to ALL of humankind .. while you pay to figure out why we all get sicker and not healthier year by year ..

!! white sugar is addiction number *1* in the civilized world !!

white sugar makes your body addicted in no time

white sugar are like dead food

it doesn't give your body substance it takes from your body substance

white sugar changes the biochemistry in your body and your happy cell gets a sad cell

stress and fear destroy ALL your health stress and fear abort your soul

mankind has been kept under fear since ever that works over the weak power of the mind

power mind . mind power

noOow is the time

to leave the path of fear to leave the path of mind control

and live your soul love your soul to love and live your inner energy this is you connected to the universe in peace with your story connected to the place where we ALL meet

and again i talk to you guys !!

° * * °

mh .. i lost my thought , ))

° * * °


° * * °

i lost my thought again


haha *

mankind is searching for this *1* only medicine since mankind can think ..

if there °is° this *1* medicine °*° THAT °*° one can suggest to °*° EVERY °*° person on this planet to be ° get ° stay healthy&happy then it is to °*° laugh °*° then it is to °*° hug °*°

PLEASE everyday in our lifes and PLEASE several times : )

and if no one is around ..

hug yourself laugh with and at yourself °*°

many people learned to give loOove to others but have no clue how to give loOove to themselves

many people learned to laugh at others but have no clue how to laugh with themselves

who am i .. ?¿

first of all i am not i

i is an illusion of the mind to keep us under control and in fear of being an ego (egoOo)

this .. what we call °i° is a mix of . . . .your inner connection with your energy ° instincts ° talents .your inner connection with your ancestors ° family ° story .your inner connection with the universe ° cosmos ° god ° goOod

it°s ALL connected ° together

yoOou are a constant mix of body ° mind ° soul yoOou are a constant mix of i ° us ° we

ALL this together is called HEALTH ALL this together is called NATURE ALL this together is called YOU

° * * °

earthtime 4:44 4th of february 2012 berlin eurasia at home

° * * °

why do accidents happen because we hurry because we are unpatient because we think . when we should feel because we listen to our minds instead to listen to our instincts

we ALL know this situation when this inner something tells you to do something when you listen to this something you will feel good and things arrange magically °*° when you don't listen to the something you mostly feel bad and question yourself

the real epidemy of humankind is .. to question oneself !! with this energy you slowly kill yourself

not because you are bad but because you didn't learn any better ; )) and yes ) let°s b *BAD*

let°s cherish the soOomething

° * * °


° * * °

thank yoOo

° * * °

we are ALL the sameE

° * * °

genau stimmt hundert100 prozent% topaktuell guetbürgerlich

° * * °

lass dein instinkt erinnern nicht dein hirn

lass dein instinkt dir zeichen geben nicht dein hirn

das hirn wird falsch genutzt das hirn ist nicht dein meister dad hirn ist ein ^sklave

das hirn verbindet lediglich mehr nicht ok .. es verbindet über vielfältige mechanismen sehr raffiniert ausgeklügelt etc.

aber das was du intelligenz nennst das ist nicht das hirn das ist das herz das ist die seele

das hirn macht lediglich ein paar verbindungen

beim erklären des hirns kommt uns das hirn in den weg

haha *

° * * °

das leben wurde wissenschaftlich untersucht und °man° kam zum schluss ,, es lohnt sich


wer ist eigentlich dieser °man° der dritte man also ich bin der nicht hast du ihn gesehen .. ?¿

AAA .. auf den warten ALLE

ich denk .. der man ist .. nie°man°d

hört hin ..

wie willst du dich mit dir selber connecten wenn du von dir selber die meiste zeit als °man° redest ..

und woOo hast du ein problem mit diesem mann und frau ding ; ))

wenn kein argument mehr greift dann ist es sicher weil .. du ein mann bist und ich eine frau

pffrfffff haha *


und erst viel später sind wir mann oder frau

°man° hat uns seit gedenken eingeredet dass wir anders sind .. und wir glauben's immer noch ..

pfffrfff haha *

thinking is overrated

°*° feeel °*°

and you are

° * * °

dieser °man° von dem wir reden damit meinen wir .. dass es uns in gewissen situationen ALLEN GLEICH geht


dieses °man° 'hindert uns uns selber zu spüren dafür ist dieses °man° der ORT an dem WIR UNS ALLE TREFFEN

dieser luftvolle raum

der uns gerne angst macht wenn wir ihn das erste mal betreten ..

dieses °man° gibt uns kraft jedoch nur wenn wir bei uns sind

sonst lässt es uns abheben in die °man° zoOone

was gern im schlammassel endet

° * * °

WHY are we soOo afraid of death ?¿

because we think life ends with death ?¿

but many lives only beginn with death ?¿

we think people are gone after they left this body ?¿

we think by mourning we treasure the ones that left us ..

stop the thinking

and °*° feel °*°

when you are sad

then cry ° enjoy the crying

°*° treasure °*°

°*° humility °*°

°*° gratitude °*°

are the values i feel about death

°*° energy °*°

°*° transformation °*°

°*° support ° magic °*°

are the values i feel about death

°*° deeep °*° °*° deeep °*° °*° deeep °*°

deepest soul

muddy slippery when wet

a little dirt

this feeling ° energy ° emotion

invite it in to your life

and your life is magic

and you feel the we

this we ° we need it “ to what we call °change the world°

this is our world !!

this world doesn't belong to the politic-guys this world doesn't belong to the industry-guys this world doesn't belong to the stocks-guys

this is oOour woOorld °*°

i can't change the woOorld aloOone YES that's true mo♥om

but toOogether .. how many are we ?¿ seven billions

funny )

i love number°2

toOogether we are strong this is oOour woOorld °*°

we are human°s – we loOove to help°

° * * °

cheerleaders in WAITING (by cassy, 09:00 06022012, cdv berlin eurasia)

es ist die welt und du und die welt bist du

° * * °


stoOomack OR¿ six pack stomack vs. sixpack ..


beginn jeden tag zu lachen

beginn jeden tag über dich selber zu lachen

°*° UND °*° es geht um °*° DAS °*° lachen bei dem °man° auf dem boden liegt vor lachen : ))

° * * °

frohlocke den hopfen

° * * °

T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U steve jobs

for saying and writing that L.S.D was part of getting it all toOogether

i truly loOove yoOou for this and i pray for yoOour family

that they overcome the sorrow

because yoOou are ALL around


T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U. Hofmann°s Gardinen NEU (ausgegraben by begeorge, tranZiNtelligenZ)

° * * °


das geht auch über°s iNTERNET das geht auch ohne handi das kann jeder in gedAAAnken

und es koOommt AAAn

darauf kannst du vertrauen

° * * °

ich weiss nicht wie es geht .. aber ich fühle die menschen und ich weiss .. viele andere menschen auf dieser welt haben das gleiche .. und denken sie sind verrückt

oOoder sie sind heiler und schamanen ..

ich fühl es aber NUR wenn ich bei mir bin

wenn ich mich verliere .. und auch da weiss ich nicht .. wie es funktioniert .. ich weiss NUR dass es passiert ..

wenn ich mich verliere (wir nennen es UNSICHERHEIT!) komme ich SCHNELLER wieder zu mir (hier und beim sport darf dieses wort schnell benutzt werden, sonst ist es tabu :) wenn mir ein anderer mensch hilft

mit in arm nehmen mit hin hören mit lachen mit essen was auch immer es ist


wenn wir uns verlieren


die menschen um uns herum BESSER was wir brauchen beschützen umarmen halten küssen (aber die ohne den sex bitte)

DAS NENNT SICH °*° VERTRAUEN °*° das nennt sich hilfe annehmen

das ist SeeLeNnAAAhrung ist genausoOo wichtig wie materielle nahrung


diese unsicherheit .. die kennen wir ALLE .. wenn sich das gesicht von alleine verzieht .. fremdgesteuert ha ha* und wir uns in luft auflösen wollen BITTE

dann brauchen wir ..

'a little help from a friend' (THANK yoOou BEATLES)

OR ¿

a little loOoving kick in the ass

° * * °

wir haben angst uns zu sagen was wir fühlen

weil …

wir gelernt haben

uns °JA° nicht zu verletzen

° * * °

lately i understoood .. why so many AMAZiNG people died in the last years ..

.. ..

this ENERGY happening NOW on this world (earth)

is .. pure magic

and it takes two ..

the spiritual world

and .. the world .. us


ALL the people that die .. they HELP us here ..

YES! you can't understand it .. .. you can only fe♥el it



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